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Big Keys

£119.00 ex VAT
£142.80 inc VAT

Simplified keyboard layout with 1" square keys.

Bestselling keyboard range with large keys and lettering. With 10 different versions to choose from, the BigKeys LX is suitable for early learners, partially sighted users, and those with limited mobility.

The simple layout of the BigKeys LX has 2.5cm square keys with lettering 10 times larger than standard. This makes them easy to see, find, read, and press.

Rugged and dependable BigKeys LX is the same size as a standard keyboard and offers more advanced computer users a full range of keys for writing letters, e-mail, spreadsheets and other text entry.

The variety of BigKeys LX key options, enables you to find the perfect solution. BigKeys LX includes all function keys F1 - F12 making it especially suitable for use with literacy software. Choose from QWERTY or ABC layout; lower or upper case letters, black lettering on white keys, or black lettering on assorted brightly coloured keys.

Product Code: 05-008
Vat Rate: 20%
Total: £142.80
Key Features QWERTY or ABC layout

Order either key layout. Built in logic allows switching to meet future needs.

 Shift Key

Gives access to upper/lowercase alphabet and punctuation keys.

 Punctuation keys

Essential characters for word processing, spread sheet and Internet access. Included are: ! @ , . ' " : * ? / + - =

 Backspace Key

A true "rub-out" key that deletes to the left of the cursor.

 F1 - F10 keys

Press and hold the "F" key and the numeric keys become F1 - F10.

 "Run-on" eliminated

A single key depression causes one character to be sent to the computer no matter how long it is held down.

 Caps Lock feature

As an alternative to holding down the "Shift-Space" bar, the Caps Lock key will lock in all shift options as well as uppercase.

 No special software required

Just plug BigKeys Plus into your computer in place of the standard keyboard

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