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E-pens Mobile Digipad Pro

£124.99 ex VAT
£149.99 inc VAT

Remotely capture, save and convert handwritten notes to editable text

Handwritten notes and illustrations are captured using an ink filled rechargeable digital pen & folder on normal paper. Your notes can then be uploaded via USB cable to PC or Bluetooth to PC, Blackberry and Android.

Once notes are saved to your PC, they can be converted into typed text (30 languages are supported including English & most European, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Russian etc) which can then be imported into word processors, such as Microsoft™ Word and Open Office. Notes uploaded to your Blackberry or Android device can be exported to Evernote, Google Docs, Facebook, Dropbox etc

While connected to your PC, the pen can be used as a mouse (input device) across all applications; useful when using applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw or Inkscape. The pen can also be use with the ‘digital inking’ and ‘tablet PC’ features in Windows® and the ‘annotating’ features found in Microsoft™ Office applications.

Product Code: 10-015
Vat Rate: 20%
Total: £149.99
Key Features
  • Remotely captures handwritten notes, signatures, maps & sketches
  • Bluetooth connection to PC, Blackberry & Android devices
  • No need for batteries, recharge the digital pen and folder via USB
  • Once captured, plug in and convert handwritten notes to typed text thanks to the FULL MyScript software included
  • MyScript learns your handwriting
  • Stores 100 full pages of A4 text
  • Export or copy into MS Word® and other applications