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Franklin DMQ 2110 Spell Checker

£87.00 ex VAT
£104.40 inc VAT

The Franklin DMQ 2110 provides spelling and dictionary support for those people who struggle with spelling or choosing the right word.

The DMQ 2110 includes speech feedback, phonetic spellings and provides access to over 500,000 words. The thesaurus gives access to over 250,000 synonyms and antonyms, whilst 'confusables' identifies and defines commonly confused words.

Product Code: 10-023
Vat Rate: 20%
Total: £104.40
Key Features
  • Collins desktop plus English dictionary. Collins concise thesaurus. Britannica concise encyclopedia.
  • Collins discovery encyclopedia. Quotations from Collins thesaurus A-Z complete & unabridged have . Collins Bradford's crossword solver's dictionary.
  • Good writing guide from Collins express dictionary & thesaurus. Write on target from Collins concise dictionary. Rhetorically speaking from Collins compact thesaurus.
  • Phonetic spelling correction . Hear pronunciations of all headwords using text-to-speech technology. Confusables: identify words which are commonly confused, such as "forego" and "forgo".
  • Crossword solver: Solve crossword puzzles by filling in missing letters in words. Anagram solver: turn a series of letters into a word.