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Whale Kit Tablet Stand

£20.00 ex VAT
£24.00 inc VAT
Compact and portable, this lightweight and highly-engineered stand offers maximum stability with a minimal footprint. Its aluminum fins and tail adjust to a variety of typing and viewing angles. Slip the tail between your fingers for a comfortable handle.
Product Code: 02-051
Vat Rate: 20%
Total: £24.00
Key Features
  • Flexible: easily bends to portrait and landscape positions
  • Durable: reinforced to maintain strength after repeated bending
  • Sturdy: topple-proof on any surface
  • Comfortable: natural shape for a light, easy grip
  • Reliable: button provides visual indicator of suction strength
  • Powerful: vacuum-pump with metal reinforcement for superior suction power
  • Mobile: separates into two components for easy travel
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