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Plustek Opticbook 3800 A4 Scanner

£135.00 ex VAT
£162.00 inc VAT
The OpticBook 3800 is a cost-efficient, easy and revolutionary solution for scanning books, magazines and other bound materials. Resolution reaches 1,200 dpi, and installation is straightforward. Just hook the OpticBook 3800 up to your computer's USB port. Reduce paper clutter with the OpticBook 3800 by Plustek.
Product Code: 03-014
Vat Rate: 20%
Total: £162.00
Key Features
  • Special book-edge design: The Shadow Elimination Element (SEE™) eliminates the book spine shadow and text distortion associated with books scanned on flatbeds and copiers
  • Searchable PDF: Searchable PDFs provide higher security, reliability and easiness to transit and exchange documents; while preserving the look and integrity of the original documents, including fonts, graphics, images and layouts. The Searchable PDF format is a way to easily manage your documents, books and images
  • Fast scanning speed: IErgonomic design for fast and efficient scanning, Scan speed only 7 sec. for an A4-size color, grayscale, B/W scan at 300 dpi
  • One-touch button design: 4 single touch buttons to simplify scanning task, to improve efficiency and reduce scan time.
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