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Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter

£500.00 ex VAT
£600.00 inc VAT

An all-inclusive wireless microphone for use at work or home, the Roger Pen offers best speech understanding in noise and over distance, plus Bluetooth connectivity.

Roger Pen is a versatile and stylish wireless microphone that allows you to understand in noise and over distance.

It reduces background noise and keeps you connected in one-on-one or group conversations. It also features Bluetooth for easy mobile phone calls and can be used to hear audio from multimedia or TV.

Product Code: 13-060
Vat Rate: 20%
Total: £600.00
Key Features
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic speech calibration
  • 360 degree or targeted sound pick up
  • Flexible for one-to-one or group scenarios
  • Compatible with TV, phone calls or multimedia