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Dolphin Guide Hands Free V6.31

£725.00 ex VAT
£870.00 inc VAT

Guide HandsFree is Dolphin's solution for people seeking independence from computers but who are unable to press single buttons on a keyboard, perhaps due to a physical impairment.

Guide HandsFree isn't just Guide with added voice commands, it can take a little more patience to learn than Guide and it has a reduced set of features designed to work well for people who will never be able to operate a keyboard.

Product Code: 08-006
Vat Rate: 20%
Total: £870.00
Key Features

Fully Accessible:

  • Human sounding voices read everything aloud
  • Magnify the computer screen
  • Pick high contrast colours to suit you


  • Send and receive emails
  • Surf the Internet
  • Scan and read books & correspondance
  • Write letters and documents
  • Use Instant Messaging


  • Play Games
  • Listen to Internet Radio Stations and Podcasts
  • Play DVDs, CDs and MP3s
  • News Reader


  • Organise your calendar & set appointment reminders
  • Organise Contacts in your Address Book
  • Spell-Checker, Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Magnify Diagrams or Pictures
  • Print, resize & crop photos
  • Calculator
  • My Finances
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