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Prodigi Connect 12 Electronic Magnifier with Distance Viewing 25x

£2,385.00 ex VAT
£2,862.00 inc VAT

The newly redesigned Connect 12 combines a high-performance digital magnifier with the versatility of a tablet, plus unmatched ease of use and integrated access to newspapers or magazines from online libraries. This ideal solution for active seniors, students and professionals, allows free and open access to more than a million apps.

Product Code: 14-016
Vat Rate: 20%
Total: £2,862.00
Key Features
  • Lightweight, sturdy and extremely portable
  • 12-inch full HD touchscreen
  • Live HD magnification from 1-24x with intelligent LED illumination
  • Capture/save single or multiple pages providing accurate OCR with magnification of 1- 80x
  • Option to use speech to relieve reading fatigue
  • 3 efficient reading modes: full page, column and line modes
  • Diamond Edge fonts with perfect clarity