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Acrobat Long Arm Ultra

£1,850.00 ex VAT
£2,220.00 inc VAT
The Acrobat's innovative rotating camera design enables people with low vision to perform daily tasks more effectively. By rotating the camera, the user can read, write, self-view, and magnify images at any distance. This Full Color, Auto-Focus Acrobat has the most versatile and flexible arm available.
Product Code: 13-007
Vat Rate: 20%
Total: £2,220.00
Key Features
  • 3-in-1 Camera: Self-Viewing, Distance Viewing, Near Viewing
  • True Mirror Image
  • Automatic Memory
  • Detachable Camera
  • Up to 72X Magnification
  • Battery Operated Option
  • Auto-Focus
  • 7 Viewing Modes
  • Horizontal Line Markers
  • Dual Keypad
  • Laptop PC Compatibility (No Additional Hardware Required)
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